SHoP Architects was founded twenty years ago to harness the power of diverse expertise in the design of buildings and environments that improve the quality of public life. Our inclusive, open-minded process allows us to effectively address a broad range of issues in our work: from novel programmatic concepts, to next-generation fabrication and delivery techniques, to beautifully crafted spaces that precisely suit their functions. Years ago we set out to prove that intelligent, evocative architecture can be made with real-world constraints. Today, our interdisciplinary staff of 180 is implementing that idea at critical sites around the world. We are proud that our studio has been recognized with awards such as Fast Company’s “Most Innovative Architecture Firm in the World” in 2014, and the Smithsonian/Cooper Hewitt’s “National Design Award for Architecture” in 2009.


Christopher Sharples
Coren Sharples
Gregg Pasquarelli
Kimberly Holden
William Sharples

Aaron King
Aaron Tripp
Adamo Garritano
Alena Marajh
Alex Wilson
Alex Woodhouse
Alexis Nicol
Alina Chmut
Amy Lee
Andrea Vittadini
Andreia Teixeira
Andrew Broddle
Andrew Daley
Andrew Sullivan
Angelica Trevino Baccon
Anne Landau
Anneli Rice
Annie Kwon
Anthony Barone
Audrey Hughes
Ayumi Sugiyama
Beth Eckels
Blair Cranston
Boyuan Jiang
Brad Groff
Brian Darling
Carol Ciccarelli
Caroline Young
Carter Read
Cathy Jones
Charlie Wynter
Chelsea Hyduk
Clint Miller
Craig Rosman
Dana Getman
Dana Wu
Daniel Toretsky
Danielle Tellez
Danny Abalos
Diego Gonzalez
Dustin Tisdale
Eamon Tobin
Edison Ding
Edwin Jupp
Elliot Mistur
Elsie Dedecker
Emma Fowler
Eric Hoffman
Erik Gerlach
Felicia Chan
Foteinos Soulos
Garth Priber
Gawon Shin
Gene Pasquarelli
Geoffrey Bell
Georgina Tiernan
Giselle Grant
Graham Billings
Graham Gordon
Greg Kwan
Hadeel Mohammad
Hagar Admi
Hailey Fulton
Hilary Fitzpatrick
Ildiko Ozsvath
Isaiah King
Jack Coble
Jacob A. Chandler
Jae Han Bae
Janice Rosario
Jason Brook
Jenna Lee
Jeremy Leonard
Jesse Embley
Jessica Figueroa
Jiang Wang
Jimmie Drummond
Joanie Tom
Joe Hand
John Barrett
John Cerone
John Cruz
John Cunningham
John Gulliford
John Jhee
John Paul Rysavy
Joshua Evans
Justin Oh
Karl Bengzon
Katherine Anderson
Kate Colabella
Kate Smith
Kayeon Lee
Kee Hyun Lew
Kelly Beckman
Kendra Ho
Kevin Pazik
Konstantinos Chatzaras
Leah Nanpei
Linda Rucina
Lisa Schwert
Liz Mcdonough
Luisa Mendez
Marie-Alice Paul
Marija Nikolovski
Mark Ours
Mark Pothier
Mathew Kirkham
Matt O’Brien
Matthew Zych
Mengyi Fan
Michelle Fowler
Michelle Kleinman
Michelle Stein
Miguel Marques
Mike Budzinski
Min Kim
Minyoung Song
MyPhuong Chung
Nadine Berger
Nathalie Weiss
Nick Scalco
Nicole Allen
Nikola Nikoloski
Nikolett Balogh-Martin
Oralando Samuels
Paul Chan
Paul Frederickson
Philip Nobel
Rebecca Caillouet
Rebecca Lorenz
Richard Peterson
Riley MacPhee
Robert Hon
Roberto Otero
Rosanna Pitarresi
Ryan Donaghy
Ryan Lovett
Samantha Anderson
Sameer Kumar
Scot Teti
Scott Carncross
Scott Overall
Sean Bailey
Sean Kizy
Shannon Han
Shawn Walsh
Shuping Liu
Stephanie Walker
Stephen Andenmatten
Stephen Pitman
Steve London
Steven Garcia
Tim Mooney
Todd Sigaty
Vail Rooney
Victoire Saby
Victoria Lee
Violette de la Selle
Whitney Voss
William Lewis
Xu Zhang
Yihan Xu (Fiona)