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Domino Sugar Refinery
LOCATION / Brooklyn, NY
PHASE / Under Development
SIZE / 3,300,000 sf

With Two Trees as our client, SHoP and Field Operation's master plan for the Domino Sugar site replaces a city-approved 2010 plan with a new proposal that adds 60% more publicly-accessible open space on a new street grid; provides for a 24/7 mix of creative office space, market-rate and affordable housing, neighborhood retail, and community facilities; and is an innovative form of open architecture that connects the existing neighborhood to the new quarter-mile waterfront. The plan also envisions a new skyline for Brooklyn—one that relates to the height of the Williamsburg bridge and scales down to meet the neighborhood. Central to the scheme is the renovated Domino Sugar refinery, which will become the nerve center of the project across from a new public space. The proposed buildings will be porous, featuring large openings that allow light and air to penetrate through the site and into the neighborhood beyond.  While exuberant on the skyline as great global architecture, the buildings responsibly meet the streets of Williamsburg.