5 March 2013
Domino Sugar Project Plans Unveiled!
For the past few weeks, we’ve had a small model kept stealthily under wraps in a little black box. The contents of this little black box have finally been released via renderings, and we are so very, very excited to announce that we, along with Two Trees Management Company, have revealed our plans for the redevelopment of the Domino Sugar Factory. Perched on the waterfront in Brooklyn directly facing Manhattan, the Domino Sugar Factory has a rich history (which you can read more about here), and this project’s focus is to both renew and revitalize the area while still preserving and pay homage to the landmark that is so irreparably a part of the fabric of Brooklyn. The actual factory, though will be gutted because the interior is decrepit, will aesthetically be preserved, as will some of the machines and pieces of the original interior of the factory. These will be displayed in a public park (think Highline and Nelson A. Rockefeller at Battery City Park as one) that will sit right on the water. Count us in for summer picnics and canoe rides...