9 DeKalb Avenue
SIZE / 625,000 SF

The new residential tower planned for 9 DeKalb Avenue will top out at 1,066 feet to become the tallest building in Brooklyn. On the skyline it will represent a new and lasting symbol of the borough's ongoing renaissance, rivaling in height and character the storied towers of Manhattan. At street level it creates a series of new pathways and public spaces that function to promote and sustain the famous vitality of Brooklyn’s streets. The historic interior of the Brooklyn Dime Savings Bank, an adjoining landmark, will be restored and repurposed to form part of a new mid-block connection for pedestrians between Flatbush Avenue and Fulton Street, two of Brooklyn's defining thoroughfares. Above, the 73-story tower will be accented with a palette of materials, ranging from marble to bronze, that are selected to evoke without mimicry the bank's rich City Beautiful detailing while evoking Brooklyn’s contemporary energy as a focus of global taste-making. The plan of the tower itself is formed from interlocking hexagons, simultaneously resolving the various angles of its constrained site, creating optimal layouts and views for its 500 apartments, and referencing the specific geometries of the historic bank.