Hudson’s Site Development
SIZE / 1,500,000 SF

In 2013, SHoP was selected after an invited competition to study the possibilities for using the former J.L. Hudson’s Department Store site in downtown Detroit as a catalyst for the ongoing revitalization of the city. Our clients at Rock Ventures recognized that the Hudson’s site must play a central role in their ongoing efforts to revitalize the city by returning residents, commerce, and cultural uses to the center of the city. Together with Detroit-based architects Hamilton Anderson Associates, we designed a building that offers a very broad range of uses. At its center is an enclosed community civic space that opens wide to welcome residents and visitors from surrounding streets. Around that center, retail, residential as well as food and culture will provide everyday services now lacking for the influx of residents that continue to relocate Downtown. Once complete, the building will be a powerful tool for encouraging growth and the renewal of civic pride—not only downtown but in the surrounding communities and the city and the region as a whole.