SIZE / 22,000 SF

On the 11th floor of the Woolworth Building we developed spaces that are adaptable, respectful of the building’s special character as a New York City landmark, and that promote the experimental collaboration—both playful and serious—that is at the core of who we are. Galleries of presentation and study models line the halls alongside pinned-up mood boards. Spaces large, small and in-between serve to support and inspire every type of creative work, from all-office meetings to private, solo thought. The result is a space that evokes our spirit and inspires our productivity. A prominent motif of our office is an extensive collection of model “spotter” airplanes, in its completeness second only to one held by the Smithsonian. The beauty and integrity of the airplane forms is an inspiration, but also an emblem of how we think. The great variety of form seen in the hundreds of aircraft on display is the result of varying performance characteristics, not style. No two are the same because no two serve the same purpose. This is a metaphor for how we approach design: we never impose a pre-ordained “look” on a project because no two clients, programs or sites are ever the same.