SIZE / 592 SF

Exhibited at Material Immaterial, Interni Magazine’s 20th Edition Event, WAVE/CAVE is a large sculptural terracotta enclosure that invites visitors to pause and reflect, one at a time, on the hectic speed of our world. The experience of WAVE/CAVE is conceived as a deliberate counterpoint to the internal agitation and disrupted attention spans encouraged by contemporary media and technology. It is a study of the unease we all experience—a slow, quiet commentary on solidity, deep time, and the contemporary pace of change. A custom-developed system of unglazed, fluted terra-cotta blocks are arranged in a soaring assembly (7.2 x 10 x 3.6 meters) that is open to the action of life around it but accessible only to the imagination and the gaze. The 1,670 terracotta blocks are stacked in three tiers, with interior faces carved to reveal a surprising ornamental richness as they describe a smoothly curved surface within the high perimeter wall. Conceived in collaboration with leading German firm NBK Keramik, the blocks are finished using a customized process that generated 797 individual profiles from the single extrusion used. At night, this intricate pattern is on full display when illuminated from within and around the perimeter of the installation. Engineered by Arup, the structural solution was conceived, produced, and installed by Metalsigma Tunesi.