475 WEST 18TH

The recipient of a U.S. Tall Wood Building Prize sponsored by the USDA and several industry groups, SHoP conceived 475 West 18th Street as a model project to promote and demonstrate the potential of mass-timber construction technology. To celebrate the unique nature of the project, the timber structure is exposed where appropriate, exhibiting its natural beauty and strength. Additional wood products and systems are specified throughout. The design for 475 West 18th Street targeted LEED Gold certification, while pursuing higher levels of sustainability—and the well-documented wellbeing benefits of living in wooden spaces—that are not captured in the LEED system. Unique among contemporary construction methods, mass-timber also acts to actively sequester carbon (approximately one ton per cubic meter), offering an exciting new path for designers everywhere who seek to meet ambitious sustainability goals. At ten stories, 475 West 18th Street was the first tall building proposed for New York City to specify the use of modern mass-wood systems, and the lessons learned in its research and development will be put to use in other innovation timber projects going forward.