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High Ideals

“The project is a reminder that architecture can serve as a tool to not only announce a company’s environmental intentions but to physically embody them,” says Monocle of the Atlassian Sydney tower.

Atlassian Taps SHoP and BVN to Design World’s Tallest ‘Hybrid Timber’ Tower

SHoP, in collaboration with Australian firm BVN, will design the world’s tallest hybrid timber tower for Atlassian’s new Sydney headquarters. Comprising mass timber and a facade of glass and steel, the 40-story building will feature a staggered outdoor garden as well as self-shading to control temperatures. The building will operate on 100 percent renewable energy and includes solar panels in its facade.

SHoP Presents at DigitalFUTURES World Conference

Chris Morse and Adam Chernick will participate in the DigitalFUTURES World conference, a one-week series of 24/7 parallel online workshops, lectures, and panel discussions involving leading architects and interdisciplinary thinkers addressing the challenges facing architecture in the age of COVID-19. Adam will present on June 25 at 11:30pm EST / 8:30pm PST and Chris will participate in a panel discussion on July 2 at 8am EST / 5am PST. All presentations and panels will be Livestreamed and are open to the public.

How the Virus May Change Your Next Home

Facades on glass buildings could open wider to the outdoors, said Angelica Trevino Baccon, a partner at SHoP Architects, like those her firm designed for Uber’s new headquarters in San Francisco, where large glass panels open like bifold doors. “Fresh air is just so important for wellness,” she said, and natural ventilation also helps reduce energy consumption.

Our Bushwick Factory is a “PPE Powerhouse”

In Bushwick, staff at SHoP Architects’ prototyping lab have mobilized to convert the firm’s mini-factory into a PPE powerhouse, manufacturing 440 shields per day to send to Weill Cornell Medicine. Instead of 3D printing, SHoP is CNC-milling visor bands.

Pitching in to Protect NYC

At our Brooklyn fabrication facility, a SHoP team is working from designs developed by Sweden’s 3DVERKSTAN to produce at least 1,000 medical face shields for distribution to area hospitals. In a separate joint initiative, we are printing a specialized valve that allows hospitals to increase coronavirus treatment capacity by sharing ventilators.

Geof Bell to Speak at #BeyondBIM2020

Geof Bell, a multi-disciplinary Associate at SHoP, will speak at #BeyondBIM2020, the AEC symposium focusing on a vision for the future, on March 17 in London. He will showcase examples of SHoP’s work and contribute to the discussion on how to improve collaboration across the design and construction community.

SHoP Speaking at Vertex

SHoP’s Director of Visualization, Mengyi Fan, and Director of Interactive Visualization, Adam Chernick, will speak at Vertex in London on February 28. Mengyi and Adam’s talk, “Improving Design Through Visualization Technology,” will focus on mixed reality (XR) experiences, and how they are changing the architectural industry.

Tech Start-ups Find a Shared Home at The Company Building in Manhattan

It’s meant to look homey, “like your cool friend’s apartment,” says Paris Smith, Company’s head of brand, on a recent tour of the in-progress renovation, which was sensitively designed by SHoP Architects in close collaboration with the building’s owners, Milstein Properties.

Keep Calm and Terra-cotta On

SHoP Architects’ design for 111 West 57th Street is a call back to Manhattan’s great Deco skyscrapers. Nearly 43,000 richly glazed terra-cotta tiles, sourced from manufacturer NBK Terracotta, were used on the supertall’s east and west facades.