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Gregg Pasquarelli on Building Big in New York

Pasquarelli laid out his methods, speaking to both design practices and business principles. One theme was the ability to think outside of the binaries that limit much of the industry. Pasquarelli spoke about innovating, implementing technology, and more. Watch the video for the full conversation.

New Standards Shape Embassies Representing the U.S. Abroad

Currently under construction on a 10-acre site just beyond the ring road that encircles Milan’s core, this project of approximately 130,000 square feet includes a historic pavilion, plaza, and parade ground. These have been restored and repurposed to frame a new chancery and serve as both campus gateway and public gathering space.

Using Technology Well: An Inside Look at SHoP Architects

The idea of a “bigger platform”—one in which the company’s tech solutions are all integrated into a single infrastructure—is fundamental to SHoP and SHoP principal John Cerone’s long-term digital strategy. “We believe it’s the future,” he says. “We are developing our own platform, or digital infrastructure, that will ultimately achieve the sort of holistic way of working that we know is inevitable.”

Council on Tall Buildings Celebrates Innovation at SHoP

SHoP’s longstanding commitment to process innovation—advancing design and delivery technologies, developing visualization tools that streamline team and client collaboration, and leveraging all-digital model-based delivery—redefine the traditional role of the architect for the 21st century.

A New Generation of Women Architects Take the Advocacy Helm

The foundation has organized training programs for hundreds of women in leadership positions and many more through mentorship programs. “It’s not really about getting a seat at the table anymore,” Angelica Baccon says. “It’s about how we’re going to shape the profession now that we have one.”

SHoP Designs Mercedes-Benz’ First US Residential Skyscraper

Mercedes-Benz Places is a planned 67-storey, mixed-used skyscraper under construction in the Brickell neighbourhood of Miami. Developed by JDS Development Group (JDS), the building was designed collaboratively between SHoP and the Mercedes-Benz design team. At 2.5 million square feet (232,257 square metres) it will be one of the largest projects currently under construction in Florida.

11 Remarkable Buildings from Columbia Architects

Since the establishment of Columbia’s Graduate School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation in 1881, alumni have gone on to create dazzling structures from the National Archives Building to the Empire State Building to the Museum of Modern Art. Today, Columbia architects are building upon that legacy in conceiving a wide range of innovative public and private spaces around the world.

FIT’s New Academic Building Nears Completion

Work is nearing completion on Fashion Institute of Technology‘s ten-story New Academic Building at 220 West 28th Street in Chelsea, Manhattan. Designed by SHoP Architects, the 110,000-square-foot structure is engineered to LEED Gold standards and will yield new classrooms, administrative offices, review and exhibition spaces, and a student quad illuminated by skylights.

The Bev Opens in Manhattan

The Bev is a new headquarters for the Beverly Willis Architecture Foundation (BWAF) that opened its doors recently in Manhattan. The headquarters is eponymously named after Beverly Willis—a pioneering feminist, architect, and mentor who died in 2023. Designed by SHoP, the space features a lounge, conference, and meeting areas for board activities; and offices for the group’s foundation staff. The Bev houses the BWAF’s executive director; communications and programming staff; publications and social media coordinators; and the producer of BWAF’s audio documentaries, New Angle: Voice, a podcast about pioneering women in architecture.

SHoP Leads NYC Housing Design Studio

With a focus on leveraging SHoP’s advanced technology for the greater good—meaning a strong emphasis on cultural, economic, and environmental sustainability—Getman and Garcia presented students with a brief around an affordable housing site they see as falling between challenge and opportunity.