Gregg Pasquarelli at 2018 CTBUH Conference

Pasquarelli, a founding principal at SHoP, will discuss what a “smart city” looks like at this year’s CTBUH in Dubai.

Chris Sharples Interviewed by ArchDaily

Sharples discusses the firm’s movement toward a technology-based, iterative approach that “is beginning to blur the line between architecture and manufacturing”.

Midtown Center Featured on Dezeen

A trio of elevated walkways links two wings of the office building in the heart of Washington DC.

Domino Sugar Master Plan Featured on ARCHITECT

Domino Park is one of the first completed elements of SHoP’s larger Domino Sugar Refinery Master Plan and underwritten entirely by private funding.

Berardo Matalucci Presents at IBPC 2018

Matalucci, SHoP’s Building Technology Specialist, will discuss modeling and spatial visualization of indoor micro-climates for personalized thermal comfort.

Erik Martinez at AAG2018

Martinez, an Associate at SHoP, will present on the potential of robotic technology to assemble lightweight wooden structures through a collaborative workflow between robots and builder.

Architect’s Newspaper Features Upper Harbor Terminal Amphitheater

SHoP was chosen by Minneapolis music institution First Avenue Productions to design the new riverfront community performing arts center.

Chris Sharples Delivers Keynote at ACAW

Sharples will give the closing keynote at the Architectural Ceramic Assemblies Workshop in Buffalo, NY, where SHoP’s team is part of the group constructing system models and presenting their studies to peers in the industry.

SHoP Featured on Archinect

In “How to Get a Job at SHoP”, Associate Principal Lisa Schwert shares how potential new hires can stand out when applying to the firm.

SHoP Wins Commercial Observer Design of the Year

Design of the Year was awarded to Two Trees Management and SHoP Architects for 325 Kent Avenue in Williamsburg.