At 1,066 feet, The Brooklyn Tower is the tallest in the borough.

The historic interior of the Brooklyn Dime Savings Bank, an adjoining landmark, has been restored as a key retail anchor for the neighborhood, linking Flatbush Avenue and Fulton Street, two of Brooklyn’s defining thoroughfares. The timeless design of the 93-story residential tower is accented with a palette of materials selected to evoke the bank’s rich City Beautiful detailing while expressing the spirt and prominence of Brooklyn.

Augmented Reality (AR) technologies were used extensively in the field during construction, both to more clearly visualize the future building and to more efficiently make it real by supplementing traditional project documents.
On the skyline The Brooklyn Tower represents a new and lasting symbol of the borough's ongoing renaissance, rivaling in height and character the storied towers of Manhattan.
  • phase completed
  • size 762,000 sf