The Botswana Innovation Hub is the cornerstone of a national program to support the growth of technology-driven research and entrepreneurship.

Located where the capital, Gaborone, meets the Kalahari Desert, the Botswana Innovation Hub will house a wide range of initiatives in technology incubation, education, and scientific research. To encourage mentorship, the Hub also makes space for the local offices of a number of international tech companies. When completed, facilities will include a full range of creative workspaces and laboratories in an ecologically responsive and environmentally sensitive complex.

The deep articulation of the facades maximizes self-shading, a response to the Hub’s demanding desert setting. A series of planted courtyards create opportunities for outdoor gathering throughout the year.
Amenities such as lounges, a large auditorium, and a bar are arranged to maximize spontaneous encounters and encourage collaboration between enterprises sharing the Hub.

To realize this ambitious project under demanding logistical constraints, SHoP deployed select teams to live in Gaborone and work on-site with our local partners. Together we deployed a full range of digital modeling and visualization technologies, many developed in-house. Clash detection and other construction management functions are being achieved in the field via an iPhone-accessible 3D database hosted in New York. The design and delivery of the building envelope is a landmark project in the development of fully automated, paperless, direct-to-fabrication construction techniques. In element count and complexity, it surpasses what we were able to achieve at the Barclays Center.