Pier 17 is a major new addition to the public life of Manhattan’s Seaport district.
This 300,000 square foot building is home to a wide range of uses that contribute to the vitality and continuity of public space along the riverfront. At ground level a sheltered, open-air pedestrian experience offers a mix of dining, gathering, and smaller-scale retail integrally connected to the surrounding promenades and parklands of SHoP’s East River Waterfront.
SHoP developed a custom system of monumental glass panels that rest in a raised position and slide down to protect interior spaces in the event of strong winds.
Ground-level pathways are arranged to expose previously obstructed views of the adjacent Brooklyn Bridge.
The roof level of Pier 17 is entirely devoted to a new park, designed to offer activities from quiet contemplation to active recreation and large-scale public performance.
  • phase completed
  • size 300,000 sf