SIZE / 7,000,000+ SF

On an approximately 10-acre, four-block area in Miami’s Park West neighborhood, the team of SHoP, West 8, and developer Michael Simkins, is proposing a new special-use district that will provide the infrastructure for the future growth of creative technology industries in the city. The Miami Innovation District will be a dense, walkable, experience-rich new neighborhood, bringing to Miami the world-class urban amenities that the global technology workforce increasingly relies on for inspiration and support. Just as important, it will bring to the nearby neighborhoods and the city significant benefits in terms of financial contributions, thousands of jobs, and sustainable economic growth. The district is conceived as an urban campus, an integrated complex of mutually-supportive programs including public amenities, targeted retail opportunities, indoor and outdoor spaces for community and campus gathering, performance and exhibition zones, office environments suited to the collaborative work typical of high-performing tech companies, and a variety of housing designed specifically for the generation that will be drawn to work for such companies. The Miami Innovation Tower, an integral component of the District, will mark the development with an inspiring and enlightening presence on the skyline.