Angelica Trevino Baccon: How to Ask Half a Question Then Give People Space

Here, Trevino Baccon, who is originally from Monterrey, Mexico, and now lives in New York City, shares the mindset needed to dedicate years to a single project, how she asks a single question—or half a question—for each project that drives the design focus, and why the future of office space will be “spaceless.”

Eight Trends That Have Defined the Past 20 Years of Skyscraper Design

Since the attack on the Twin Towers on 11 September 2001, there has been an acceleration of high-rise construction around the world. Architects are now able to reach record heights due to advances in structural engineering and more sophisticated lightweight elevator infrastructure.

Atlassian HQ Wins Bronze in the Architecture Olympics

Atlassian Central has won the Holcim Awards Bronze prize 2020 for Asia Pacific, in one of the world’s most prestigious architecture competitions. Conducted by the Swiss-based Holcim Foundation for Sustainable Construction, the Holcim Awards sit alongside the Aga Khan Prize and the Pritzker Prize for Architecture as the most significant competitions for sustainable design.

New Timber Project Announced for Los Angeles

SHoP Architects is designing 3401 La Cienega, which is the prolific New York-based firm’s second announced project in the Los Angeles region.

Tech Giant Atlassian Defies Work from Home Trend

Despite going all in on its staff working from home, tech giant Atlassian has signed a deal for a sustainable, worker-friendly, “hybrid timber” headquarters—a new generation office tower in which each four-storey section is segmented into “habitats”.

The Brooklyn Skyline Is About to Change Forever

Brooklyn’s first supertall, 9 DeKalb, is rising on a triangular corner lot in Downtown Brooklyn, attached to the historic Dime Savings Bank and next to the original Junior’s Cheesecake. The project includes an extensive renovation of the neoclassical bank, which will be converted into retail space, and connected to the 93-story residential tower through its amenity floors. Thirty percent of the units will be set aside for affordable housing, which is also unique for a supertall.

Construction Update: The Wharf

SHoP Architects is overseeing the design of Parcel 6 and 7’s 500,000 square feet of Class A office space and 33,000 square feet of retail space.

The Office of the Future

“In these ‘between spaces,’ we forge natural connections with daylight and vegetation,” Chris Sharples says. “The building begins to breathe.” Such healthful environments, with an abundance of fresh air, send a message about a company’s commitment to its staff’s wellbeing.

SHoP Wins 2021 Best of Practice Award

SHoP Architects has been at the forefront of architectural practice for decades—not just in terms of design caliber, but perhaps more importantly in redefining design process. Their model of practice demands that project tools, methods and modes of delivery evolve, and they expertly wield this arsenal to execute complex, ground-breaking work.

9 DeKalb Avenue Becomes Tallest Structure In Brooklyn

9 DeKalb Avenue has passed a milestone in its way to becoming the first supertall skyscraper in the outer boroughs. The 73-story residential tower recently surpassed the 720-foot roof height of Brooklyn Point, giving it the title of the tallest structure in Brooklyn. Designed by SHoP Architects and developed by JDS, 9 DeKalb Avenue will stand 1,066 feet tall and yield 425 rental apartments and 150 condominiums.