New Renderings Revealed for SHoP’s Downtown Detroit Megadevelopment

SHoP Architects, joined by Detroit-based firm Hamilton Anderson Associates, is leading the design of the two buildings, which together encompass an entire city block just north of Campus Martius Park with a public plaza between them. The tower, featuring a 227-room luxury hotel topped by 100-plus residential units, will eventually rise 685 feet above the city.

Exclusive Look Inside Brooklyn’s Tallest Skyscraper

If you live near Downtown Brooklyn, you’re undoubtedly already acquainted with the sight of Brooklyn Tower. The borough’s first building to measure 93 stories and over 1,000 feet, it looms over everything else and has naturally become a landmark before construction has even completed. Beyond the height, the exterior of The Brooklyn Tower (as the building is being called) distinguishes itself from other condos with floor-to-ceiling windows, strips of shiny bronze, and deep black metal and an overall angular design that creates a Neo Art Deco impression.

What the New Hudson’s Tower Will Look Like

Bedrock released new renderings of the Hudson’s site today, which will add 1.5 million square feet of office, residential, hotel, event, and retail space to the site of the former Hudson’s building in downtown Detroit. The tower will rise to 685 feet, and should reach that height next year. The tower will include 100-120 residential units on the top floors, plus a 5-star luxury hotel with 227 rooms below. In between the two buildings will be a large public plaza.

Uber Global HQ a Model for Postpandemic Design

As employees return to offices, many are likely to seek out areas that somehow offer relaxed comfort amid the uncertainty of transition; and while the design was conceived years before the pandemic struck, the commons’ combination of high tech and low stress could pay benefits for some time to come.

Six Beautiful Buildings That Redefine Sustainable Architecture

The duo behind Australian software company Atlassian enlisted New York–based firm SHoP Architects and local firm BVN, to design their new Sydney headquarters. The building is expected to transform the city’s already iconic skyline when it opens in 2025. The 600-foot-tall structure that spans 40 floors, will not only fulfill the company’s promise to run on 100 percent renewable energy and operate at net-zero emissions, but it is also going to nab the title of “world’s tallest hybrid building made of timber.”

State Department Breaks Ground on New U.S. Consulate General in Milan

Managed by the Overseas Buildings Operations (OBO), the approximately 10-acre campus will provide a modern platform for U.S. diplomacy in Milan and across northern Italy. In addition to the new Consulate building, the project includes restoration of the historic Liberty Building on the Consulate site and reconstruction of a pavilion on the parade ground. SHoP Architects of New York is the architect and Caddell Construction Company LCC of Montgomery, Alabama is the contractor.

New York’s First Supertall Tower Outside of Manhattan Rises in Brooklyn

After five years of construction JDS Development Group has nearly completed the city’s first and only supertall tower outside of Manhattan—defined as exceeding 300 meters, or 984 feet. The next tallest tower in the borough is almost 350 feet shorter than the Brooklyn Tower—the difference of a Statue of Liberty, plus a few townhouses stacked on top.

Big La Cienega Project Takes a Step Forward

SHoP Architects is designing 3401 La Cienega, which would include a 13-story, nearly 150-foot-tall residential building and a six-story, roughly 92-foot-tall office building. Renderings portray a pair of contemporary mid-rise structures with upper level setbacks used to create terrace decks. The proposed office building would also incorporate mass timber into its design.

Plotting a Modular Empire with Assembly OSM

Modular construction startup AssemblyOSM was founded by Chris Sharples and Bill Sharples, two of the founders of SHoP Architects, in 2019. While the Sharples brothers continue to oversee the company’s strategic direction, Andrew Staniforth took the reins as CEO late last year.

Ten Ways Cities Came Back in 2021

In March, Uber Technologies Inc. opened its new San Francisco headquarters, two buildings skinned in glass and connected by a transparent sky bridge. But the 180 glass panes that cover much of the facade are more than just for aesthetics. Designed by the technologically innovative SHoP Architects, they open and shut automatically throughout the day, allowing for natural air flow and temperature regulation. While plans were first unveiled back in 2015, the design addresses two of today’s most urgent crises: the pandemic and climate change.