The Thakoon Flagship was designed to be a complete center of operations for leading womenswear designer Thakoon Panichgul.
The Thakoon Flagship combines storefront retail, brand administration, clothing manufacturing, and warehousing into a single 9,200 square-foot space at 70 Wooster Street in New York’s Soho neighborhood. Thakoon’s own vision of frankness and luxury in fabric-handling merged perfectly with SHoP’s long tradition of experimentation at the intersection of authentic materiality and cutting-edge technologies. Working closely with a select group of artists and craftsmen, simple raw materials—concrete, wood, brass, and travertine—were carefully sourced and creatively processed in unexpected ways.
Layered in small batches, each iteration of the concrete pour blurs into the previous to create a striated interior geology. The effect is intensely tactile, inviting guests to run their hands along the curved walls as a contrast to handling the clothes themselves.
The authenticity of the atelier is underscored by the workspaces accessed directly via the store.
  • phase completed
  • size 9,200 sf