The US Embassy Bangkok is an essential hub for diplomacy throughout the region.

Located on a lush 4.4 hectare site in Bangkok’s Pathum Wan neighborhood, the New Office Annex (NOX) will provide essential workplace support for over 1,000 staff as well as significant spaces optimized for public-facing services to the general public. The site is distinguished by the presence of historic temple structures, significant rain trees and a series of intersecting waterways—all of which will be preserved in the new construction.

The main ceremonial spaces of the NOX are designed to create a strong connection to the outdoors while gracefully accommodating the full range of events expected in the diplomatic calendar.
The deep, layered facades of the 14-floor tower were developed in response to local climatic conditions and in sympathy with traditional architectural forms.
In 1988, as part of the embassy's mission to celebrate Thai culture, a pair of traditional open pavilions, known as salas, were constructed on the site. These form a centerpiece of the revamped grounds in the new design, and an inspiration for its form and material palette.
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